Double date

by PokerAnon ~ March 17th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

short 3x$25, longer 6x$25

  • Short session was fine. No big hands, but all tables were up a few bbs due to steals/raising limpers. This may be a general target of mine; to be patient for big hands but try to steal/raise limpers and win small pots
  • Full session won two stacks. First AA vrs AK, me in CO vrs SB. I don’t know if my steal percentage was high, or the position, or his aggression led him to get in. He left the table right after. The other was against a new player to my right, he open raised 9c8c, I 3bet JJ. J8x flop with two clubs. He checks, I bet, ChR, shove, call. Flush didn’t fill and he didn’t know his 8 and 9 were dead outs.
  • 99 is one of my losing hands, but 22/33 are among my best winners. It’s hard to overvalue 22/33, which might be what I’m doing with 99
  • I have the feeling that I autofolded some steal/raise limpers opportunities. It’s fine to do this if I’m involved in a big hand, but otherwise I need to maintain aggression and not pass up on these.
  • Much less aggression at the tables than Sunday
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