A new single day record,

by PokerAnon ~ March 25th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Down 4 buyins. My $25nl bb/100 is now negative overall for this project.

  • Two instances of having a small pot hand hand myself (QQ overcards, QT in a button steal), but reading the opponent as playing a possible draw aggressively. In one case he had a set of 4s, the other QJ
  • In another I had two pair on the turn, he had limped KK behind limpers and hit a set

Before I started the session I was thinking that 25 is running similar to the start of 10; running good, then hitting a downswing, except that the downswing hadn’t cost too much.

I didn’t think that I was playing too emotionally or badly, but my all-in EV was pretty bad as well, meaning I got my money in when I was well behind. There really is an issue with watching higher stakes play where aggression is much higher, and applying it too fast to lower level play. Another contributing factor was the hands from the past few sessions where I folded the best hand to multiway action. Last time I folded AA on a JT flop with action, this time I shoved QT on a QJ multiway flop with action.

Not all players at 25 are going to play draws aggressively. Most probably like to check and hope that they don’t have to call too big of a bet to continue (most not understanding pot odds), so reading an aggressively played draw into most player’s action is an error. Only a high aggression player is going to do this.

I think that I actually regained some losses towards the end of the session, which means that I was down even more earlier on.

My psychological reaction to this is interesting. Not too tilted/angry/frustrated/disappointed/unhappy. A little bit of these, but not much. So of course, I worry that it’s not enough. Am I detached from the results, or am I nonchalant, uncaring? Is it confidence, or arrogance? Will I learn from this, or write it off and fall into the same traps again? And how much was variance and how much errors that I could have avoided?

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