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by PokerAnon ~ March 30th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Short session, after returning from a weekend away.

  • 1st hand, 1st table, 3 bet AKs, 2 callers, A high flop, bet, get one caller, check turn for pot control, he makes a tiny bet which I think is stupid so I reraise, he folds. Later I see he’s 75/25/6, watch him make a 4BB raise PF after 2 limpers, then apparently he called a CR on the flop and spiked his set of 7s on the turn over a flopped set of 6s to get back to a full stack.
  • So later, same opponent, I raise UTG w/AK, he calls from SB, shoves 100bbs into an Ace high flop so I call, his AT and get to 240bbs. He sits and then leaves the table.
  • And, got paid off 18BBs in a limped pot when I spiked a Q on the turn, called a raise, A river, check/he bets again, I’m expecting a similar hand to mine with position from a 78/44/4(40)/9H but it turns out to be 53s with a FD on a 548QA missed FD board.

It’s easier to have up sessions when you identify the fish and beat him, plus get paid by LAG/bluffers, plus suck out

  • Sucked out on a 44/9/3(44) 65bb shortish stack that raised my PFR small, then 2.5 raised my flop bet on a J high flop. I spiked an Ace on the river to beat his KK. Bad call perhaps, but guided by his post-flop aggression and looseness pre. Problem is, his PFR was low so I should know that this is AA/KK/QQ pre.

I do need to work on identifying relevant stats. A player that sees 50% of flops still has a tight range when raising if his PFR is only 10%. Someone that plays 60/30 is really playing crap when they open limp. This is where I make the mistake of playing too aggressive-defence after watching videos of 6 max at $200 or $400. Very few of the players that I play against are going to know how to play this way, so their aggression is not going to be betting draws hard or trying to push off late position steals. Their aggression in most cases means I think I have the near-nuts unless their PFR is well above 10 and post flop aggression is high.

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