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by PokerAnon ~ March 7th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

After a few sessions at $25nl Rush I’m now trying to keep myself away. There was a freeroll that I decided that I wanted to make myself eligible for so I needed 200 FTPs which only required a few sessions to cover and now I’m trying to wean myself again. I did manage to finally break the $500 mark in my Tilt bankroll, which has always been an issue but managed to bring it just under again, down to $470 before I stopped.

So I switched back to 6 tabling $25nl at Stars. At one point I had considered just going straight to $50 or $100 instead of trying to work my way back into a comfort zone again but after a month of Rush I decided that there was too much re-adjusting that I needed to do so I went back to 6 tables of FR, while watching videos on my second monitor.

Even so, 6 tables seems slower than one instance of Rush. I didn’t think that I was getting a lot of hands to play so I tried to be patient. Second session I started to notice that I was getting 3 bet a lot, from players who didn’t seem all that aggressive (except one where I had the button and he was in the SB so I 4 bet AJo thinking that I’m safe against his 3betting range because he had a high steal percentage, and I’d have position. I’d rather take it down pre or define his range better by 4 betting plus show a willingness to 4 bet rather than flat and play position in this situation).

Then I looked at my stats. I was running 23.5/17.1, with a 3 bet of 7.1%. Apparently I found the breaking point where players at this level think that I’m playing too aggressively and start to decide to play back. 🙂 And this in spite of feeling that I wasn’t playing many hands.

Fourth session I wanted to imortalize this player.

Opponent in this hand I’d noted on another table. Somehow he shows up on a different one of my tables; I wasn’t paying enough attention to see what happened but I recognised him by his stats; 78/4. My first notes come from this hand against him. On the turn a 7 is certainly in his donk/calling range but at the same time so are a lot of other hands that I beat so I’m going for three small streets of value. After the hand I make note of what he had.


And this later hand, same opponent. When the short stack raises from UTG 3 betting is an option, but I want to keep the bad player behind me in the hand so with AK I just call, assuming that the bad player will come along.

Instead he min-raises. He raises almost nothing so it’s possible that he’s trying to get value with AA/KK, but I’ve got one of each. Min-three bets preflop, in my experience at these kinds of levels, often mean Ax suited or middle pairs more than anything else. If it’s an unknown short stacker it’s more likely that this is AA trying to sweeten the pot.

So I think I really confuse him by back-raising. The short stack almost doesn’t matter at this point and I’m actually happy to take this down preflop with the dead money. But I don’t think that either of them understand what a backraise represents so they both call. With a favorable flop I just go for his stack and he co-operates.

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