Doomswitch activated

by PokerAnon ~ March 22nd, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

a 3 session Saturday. Sessions still around an hour in length

  • First was only 4 tables as I tried to record a video for posterity plus to force myself to explain my thinking
  • All three were not great sessions; all down a bit
  • Ran into what seemed to be a lot of aggression; was 3 bet preflop a few times, more than I expect at this level
  • Late in one session, had KK in CO, raised, was 3 bet by standard player in BB. 4 bet and he folds. Question: is KK good enough for me to flat and try to get more from him post flop? I really need to be able to find/fold if he hits a set or an Ace flops.
  • Biggest loss was to a donkey who apparently got tired of me raising his limps and limp/shoved 60bbs from mid with QJs. I had AK and expected him to be shoving with less than premiums and more with frustration. He sucks out with a J on the board. Of course he leaves the table right after
  • Left one table after two orbits with a LAG immediately to my left

Probably the biggest concern is attitude

  • Was probably my “B” game, I don’t think it was as bad as C
  • EV shows negative for the first two, slightly positive for the third with the big difference being the AK vrs QJ hand where EV is + $17.62 and I lost $15.00
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