No last-hand-suckout this time

by PokerAnon ~ March 24th, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Thought I would be up, but was down 0.40

  • Didn’t 3 bet pre w/JJ from SB. Opp was 19/19 and for some reason I thought that was reasonable. Maybe I just read the ratio and thought that was reasonable but I should have 3 bet pre. Instead he flops trip tens and I play WA/WB and pay him 20 bbs
  • Lost probably another 10bbs trying to out aggress a LAG who I had collected chips from before
  • Plus I gave up maybe another 10bbs betting flop and turn OOP against another LAG. His passiveness should have clued me in that he had a K on a KQx flop when I had QJ. Mind you, OOP I didn’t want to be bet off the hand either.
  • Also folded AT to a reraise on an AJx FD flop to an unknown. Probably the best play at the time
  • Had another one of these stupid hands where I was bet off a multiway pot with the best hand. 2 limpers, small raise, I have 76o in SB, I call, we see a 4 or 5 way flop. Flop is 865 so I have OESD with middle pair OOP. I check, 1 or 2 checks behind, aggro bets close to pot, preflop raiser calls, I figure either I’m facing some combination of drawing dead, behind an overpair from the preflop raiser, or dominated so I fold. Turn is a brick, aggro shoves, raiser calls, aggro had A7 for the same OESD with an over, raiser had KQ for just overs, river misses them both and Ace high wins the hand.

Seems I need to develop a better feel for playing multiway pots, taking into consideration how the players play, and how they might be viewing each other. PokerStove give me 55% equity, and against two opponents that’s pretty good. If it’s as I suspected, then I’m 28% against an overpair, and if the aggro has two pair then I’m still at 30% but he goes up and the overpair comes down.

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