Not more of the same

by PokerAnon ~ January 12th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Next session was a lot different. Lots of aggressive players and not as good cards or situations.

  • Was 3 bet from the blinds first time on the button on one table. He 3 bet me again the next time so I flatted. Q high flop, c-bet, I call. He checks the turn, I bet, he essentially times out and folds, then leaves the table. I guess he didn’t like me much.
  • Lost a stack when a laggy half stack limped and I raise with AQ. Full stack TAG in the blind calls and the half stack calls. Flop comes A95 and the blind donks almost pot and the half stack calls. I don’t know what to do. Most times it’s heads up and I just call flop and maybe turn, folding river, but the half stack is swelling the pot. I call. Q comes on the turn. Blind bets, half stack calls, so I shove and lose to a flopped set of 9s. Weird way to play a set OOP but the presence of the half stack made it awkward for me to play.
  • I get the remainder of the laggy half stack’s chips next hand when he raises, I 3 bet JJ, he shoves, I call, and hold over his TT. He leaves the table.
  • I get AA and a loose casual player calls to my left. Flop is awful; QJ9 two tone. If I bet I get value if he has one pair with no draw (not likely; 98 has a draw, only 97 doesn’t have a good draw and any Q or J he holds probably has either two pair or a draw), and he might fold underpairs, but I’m behind all kinds of two pair and pairs with draws. I bet smallish hoping he has an underpair, he shoves his remaining $14 and I fold. He tells me he had KK. I said I had AA and he can’t believe that I folded. In retrospect he’s folding such a small part of his probably wide range that I should check/call the flop (unless he still shoves) and proceed with caution on the turn and river. I might still fold later.

So ultimately a down session though I don’t know how much. Combination of seat and cards made things difficult. Took a couple small pots by flatting IP and betting the flop or floating, and I need to try to do this slightly more often.

And, I should pat myself on the back for having played two sessions in two days. I need to encourage myself to grind.

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