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by PokerAnon ~ January 14th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Okay, fourth session in four days, up 0.97 for the session. But it’s time to review some hands. I’ve opted to pull the biggest losing hands over the last 2,400 hands or so.

Opponent is 35/27 but only over two orbits or so.

This came from a session where I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by seven tables running and I wasn’t paying close attention. I don’t recall checking his stats during the hand and I think I was involved in another big hand on another table so this one only got peripheral attention because the flop and turn seem standard. Even the river call I remember not paying too much attention, and then didn’t even watch to see if I won or lost because some other table and situation had my attention again.

But two things that I could have kept in mind. One, when a loose player is involved with a hand that has a three flush, they’re much more likely to have the flush than a tight player. And two, when an aggressive player plays passively, they probably have a big hand. In this situation I have a big hand with a draw as well, so my play is not awful. Maybe check behind on the turn since he might have AK?

Next, a player who is 100/20 over 6 hands or so. Not much of a sampling, but even now we know that he’s a “play everything” kind of preflop player.

This is one of those situations where I’m trying to play looser and am open raising all suited connectors higher than 54. From early position I bet three way because the blind has checked and I can represent an Ace, though essentially I’ve turned my hand into a bluff.

When the blind min-check-raises me I snap call. I hate min-raises. Some portion of the time they’re a test/bluff and some portion they mean a big hand trying to get money in. I use them against good players to confuse them or against short stacks to get them pot committed, but I don’t use them nearly as often as bad players use them.

The turn gives  me flush outs, and still being annoyed by the min-raise on the flop I decide to bluff a hand by betting the turn.

Again, not many hands; this guy I have as 80/20 but only over a few hands.

I don’t know about the original raiser. It’s possible that I have him as a nit which might be why I didn’t chose to 3-bet preflop. The other reason for not 3-betting is that I’m trying to temper my 3-betting/squeezing because I feel that I’m putting non-LAG and non-blind stealing full ring players on too wide of a range because I get 4-bet or all in behind too often.

And there’s potential value flatting JJ/TT/99 in position. If the board comes with one over or maybe a second over but only on the river you can call a couple streets with these hands against players who double barrel or who read you as a calling station or as a gambler. But this flop is not nice and it’s not the original raiser who wants to play. But as a 80/20 he could have anything on this flop. I raise to charge him if he’s drawing on this flop, but calling is an option. It keeps the pot smaller and I might have to fold later anyway.

7/0 with a 17% aggression over 28 hands. I should have checked the stats on the other player as well here.

Middle pairs on a low flop multiway is kinda yucky. I may not have the biggest overpair, I may be outdrawn by overcards, I may already be behind a set or straight.

One theme that repeats itself here is the lack of stats. I haven’t been grinding this level and my sessions are always only an hour long so I often don’t have a lot of information to go on. On the other hand you want to get chips from the worst players quickly before they lose their stack and leave the table.

And this is all at $25nl FR. I’ve looked at sitting at some $50 or $100nl tables but they always seem nit-infested, with table VPIPs of 25 and lower. That’s another reason that I’m looking to LAG my game more so as to be comfortable playing these nit-fests.

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