Running badly, then down $ 0.03

by PokerAnon ~ March 26th, 2011. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

PokerStars was running a special for their umpteeth billion hand, so instead of playing $50 or $100nl I opted to take a run at playing 10 tables of $25nl FR so that I’m on more tables at the same time. I still needed to finish my redeposit bonus as well so I though that this would help accomplish both.

KK wasn’t working for me though. In both situations I’m fairly certain that I’m up against AA, but I rarely fold KK preflop unless I’m really convinced. In these cases I didn’t have enough hands to have a good read so I couldn’t be sure enough to fold.

And one with AK against a less-than full stack.

I should check, but I think 75% of the time I re-raise with AK. Sometimes I’ll just flat with it though, normally when I’m not sure about my opponent’s range, or when I think I’m well ahead of my opponent’s range and I might chase out too many hands that I beat, or when there’s a chance that I’ll keep a fish in the pot. Sometimes it doesn’t work out though.

So a session down just over 2 buyins; $53.78 over 688 hands, though my EV was only minus $30.75. But, it’s offset by the next session of 10 tabling, up $53.75 so only down $ 0.03. And EV of $ 53.75.

The problem with this next hand from the next session is that this guy just sat in. His first hand, no stats or reads, and he didn’t buy in full but 3 bets my raise from early position. KQs is dangerous because it’s dominated by AK/AQ/KK, but because I’ll have position and for all I know he may be a 3betting monkey I decide to flat.

Here is one of those really limpy tables that happen when I allow myself to sit at at Pot Limit table and so I call behind because I don’t expect to be raised off my limp. I could have bet the river bigger but he obliges me by check-raising. On the slim chance that he’s limped AK or K9 I just call.

Next was an early hand, but this player has been one of those players that limp every hand and then bet/bet/bet postflop. On the river I don’t want him to just check behind so I bet out small and like the other guy he obliges by raising. I’ve got a crappy flush so I don’t put him in.

And one against a similar player. This guy is 60/35, and still has a 38% postflop bet frequency! If you don’t know, a LAG that plays a lot of hands should have a relatively lower postflop bet frequency because he often has crap, whereas a nit should have a high postflop bet frequecy because he always has a hand postflop.

Raising pre has merit but another passive player (20/3) has already indicated that he wants to play and I’m not sure where I stand against him. On the flop I’m happy when he folds to the bad player’s bet and I’m happy to call down.

This one I was rather proud of my opponent for some reason. I have over 300 hands on him and have him as a decent TAG.

If he bets the river big I probably fold as I probably try to raise a 9 somewhere along the way and I think that he knows it. But for some weird reason I was proud that he was capable of firing two barrels. Go figure.

I still have a few more VPPs to go to clear the last of the redeposit bonus though but because it’s so small I’ve still got almost two weeks to finish.

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