Still gradually upping

by PokerAnon ~ April 1st, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Short session, up just over one buy in. Played 7 tables, accidentally sitting at a 7th without realizing I already had 6 open and was just waiting for the blind to come around on a few of them.

  • Had a connection problem at the end, lost all internet for a few minutes
  • Fortunately it was just as/after I called 77 behind a PFR and two other callers and flopped a T7x flop. Checked to me so I bet 1/2 pot, hoping someone with a T was afraid to bet out or I might tempt overcards to come along if I was making a positional bet since I was in last position. Raiser and 1st caller fold, player to my right calls. Ace comes on the turn, I’m saying, there’s the card you were hoping for, right? He checks, I bet just under 1/2 pot, he check-shoves, his AQ, just before my internet connection dies. When it comes back, I’m sitting out on 4 tables and he’s gone.
  • Also called behind w/AKs a semi-reasonable player, flop Kxx giving me TPTK plus nut flush draw. He two barrels, I just call behind and we check river. He had A9s, I think. Later he two barrels, checks when flush fills on river and I’ve called behind again with 33 that flopped a set. I should have minraised turn. He had QJ that paired a J on the flop and we both chickened out when the flush filled.

Overall, a passive session, 16/8 or so, but I’m trying to hold back on my 3bets with AK/AQ/JJ type of hands lately. I missed one opportunity when a 9/5 raised from UTG and I flatted AK. Board came low, he never bet and I should have as he surprised me having opened with 55. I didn’t expect this from a 9/5. At some point he should have repped AA/KK/QQ and bet, but with AK and position even though I didn’t 3bet, I should have probably bet turn.

  • Also gave up on a K high flop OOP when I raised JJ from BB and a very loose player raised my flop bet, then showed his 76o
  • Red line is dropping; I seem to be getting played back at with blind steals fairly often, challenged when I c-bet fairly often, and challenged when I raise limpers and c-bet fairly often. As a result, in the past few sessions I’ve been up only because of big hands on a couple of tables, while the others are down slight amounts.
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