Up, in spite of myself

by PokerAnon ~ March 22nd, 2009. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR.

Sunday session

  • mentally much better
  • lost one stack to flopped set while set mining, preflop raiser ch/cl on QT3 board with FD, he had FD and gut shot, hit gut shot on turn with a J
  • gained one stack much later w/AA vrs KK, we both hit sets
  • Bad FP/slow play of AA. Mid raise, call, I flat from SB, BB calls. Flop is JTx, check, BB bets, late pos w/60 bbs shoves, I time out afraid of two pair. BB had J8, late pos had AJ, I missed out on 80 bbs. 🙁
  • Wasted another 20 bbs betting turn in middle of two passive callers. One is a fish, probably chasing a straight, and the other limp/called from early. I have TT, bet low flop, didn’t need to bet turn with two. Limp/caller flopped a set and fish was chasing, but I should have given up given the circumstances

Played a private tournament to use my T$ again, took first out of 60 or so runners. Grinding earns a lot of points which I can turn into T$ faster than I can use them. It takes me another hour or three to turn that into actual dollars.

Then in the evening I proceed to win another 11 T$. I have to start selling them, or playing more tournaments on Stars.

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