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by PokerAnon ~ June 21st, 2012. Filed under: $ 25nl x 6+ tables of FR, Zoom Poker.

I’m still having problems accessing my web sites from one of my locations, and apparently it’s the location that I write most of my posts from since I’m now posting almost not at all.

For the month of June I’ve almost entirely weaned myself from Zoom, with the exception of some 0.01/0.02 PLO where I figure that I’m still just practicing reading my hand and the board. I had to get myself off Zoom. 90% or more of my Zoom was played at $10nl FR and I had dropped $400; $200 at the start which took my PS bankroll down to under $200, and then another $200 after making a redeposit deposit and bringing the bankroll down to the high $100s again by the end of May. Down $400 at mostly $10nl means losing 40 buyins, and with no reason to expect an end in sight. The only thing I was cranking in was the FPPs.

So I wasn’t sure that I still knew how to play poker. On June 1 I had the day off work so I played a session during the day of $25nl and $16nl FR regular cash tables. My problem since Black Friday is that my most comfortable playing times are when the European players are in the middle of their night and I find it hard to get enough decent tables to play so I’ve been trying to play early in the day on weekends or when I get a day off. 9 sessions now, five to seven tables at a time. All winning sessions, though one I was only up 0.75 or 3 bbs. The rest have all been decent though, $20-$40 per session over 400-700 hands per, winning overall at 35bbs/100. Sustainable, right? I’m close to recovering my Zoom losses. I want to push past that so that this year at least ends up being a winning year. In 2011 I played so little that I don’t think I made much money at all.

I guess the down side is that it’s still 25nl FR, with some added 16nl that Stars added some time back. It’s where almost all of my money has been made over the years. Will I ever take shots at $50nl and $100nl again, post-Black Friday, when I’m afraid to keep any substantial amounts of money online anymore? June 1 I was playing four tables of $25nl and one of $16 with a bankroll of $175 or so at the time; hardly reasonable bankroll management, though as always I don’t consider my bankroll total to be limited to what I have online at any given site at the time. But I can’t see taking shots with less than say 12 buyins online at that time, especially if I’m playing four or more tables.

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