by PokerAnon ~ May 6th, 2009. Filed under: $ 50nl FR.

Had a rough session at 50nl last night. Wasn’t getting cards but also wasn’t getting situations. Tried raising a couple limps in position, but either missed the flop with more than one caller or got my c-bet called and then was bet into. My red line must have been straight down, ’cause it took until I got this hand before I won anything, and I still ended up slightly down for the session.

Dunno if I played this perfectly. I didn’t want to pay off a flush on the turn too early, but on the other hand I snap-called the river shove. However, part of the reason for snap calling the river was because I had checked the turn indicating some fear of a flush or possibly a weaker hand than I had represented with the flop reraise, meaning I had helped to induce the shove by checking back the turn. There was also the feeling that because of the size of his flop donk, his hesitation calling my flop raise and his hesitation checking the turn that I was facing most likely a single big Queen, or possibly a single Jack or QJ rather than a flush. JT less likely given the size of the donk bet and QT less likely because of his general tightness; he didn’t seem the type to call a PFR with QT. QJ was my biggest fear but QJ probably feels a little more comfortable 1) shoving over my flop raise and even 2) betting into the 3 flush.

Had one interesting player who seemed to only open raise from early position. Later he showed up at another one of my tables, but here he seemed to raise situationally. In other words he raised limpers in position, stole when folded to, raised posters, c-bet everything. He showed down very little in the short period that I played, but it got me to thinking; what if you played situationally, disregarding your cards almost entirely? If folded to in the button with less than loose/aggressive players in the blinds I raise probably 50% of my hands. I look for slightly better hands from the SB, and slightly better again from the CO, and better again in order to raise limpers from late position or to raise limpers from the blinds.

As an experiment it would be interesting to play entirely situationally from CO to BB preflop. Use actions, HUD stats, and disregard the cards until

  1. you have to deal with a raise in front, or
  2. get 3 bet, or
  3. get called and see a flop.

I guess where you’d still need to see the cards is where you get non-raising situations;

  1. loose/aggressive blinds so you need something to play with,
  2. maniacs ahead or behind,
  3. tight/passive players open-limping from late, the kind who open limp AQ from late.
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