6 and 6 cash game rampage

by PokerAnon ~ January 10th, 2010. Filed under: 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage.

I’m planning a cash table rampage.

The structure;

  1. set aside $150 to start, starting at $25nl full ring
  2. play a maximum of 4 tables at a time
  3. if I drop the “bankroll” down to 4 buyins I have to drop down a level immediately following the session
  4. when I get to 12 buyins I move up immediately

This is a very narrow structure and not something that I recommend to anyone without a decent amount of playing experience and bankroll management experience.

6 and 6 Cash Game Rampage

6 and 6 Cash Game Rampage

I call it a “6 and 6 Rampage” because each level starts with a 6 buyin bankroll and once you earn 6 you move up to the next level, where you start again with 6. In the picture I greyed out the less important numbers to make it easy to focus on the important numbers, primarily the earning target for each level and the drop down level.

The drop down is crucial as it’s very low. Unfortunately or not this is going to be backed by the rest of my bankroll, ie. I’m not planning to cash out in order to start with exactly $150 as I do want to have the opportunity to sit at other tables with friends or to play a few tournaments or sit and goes whenever I feel like it. If I’m not careful I can put more than the original $150 at risk.

For tracking purposes it will be pretty easy. I’ll stop playing $25nl or higher except for this project and I can simply track from this day forward, filtering HEM for $25nl and upward. HEM tracks tournament play separate from cash games so that won’t be an issue.

It could be modified for someone playing one table at a time, in fact the structure itself, with 4 buyin stoploss, wouldn’t be bad for someone playing single tables and wanting to have some fun and possibly get themselves doing some playing at higher levels if things go well. But the key is, the starting money (the $150 starting bankroll in my case) has to be money that you don’t mind losing.

I’ve had sessions where I’ve lost more than 4 buyins in a single session, though those are playing 6 or more tables, I think. I use 4 tables for this because if I get to higher levels I want to have time to evaluate options and to easily track actions on the other tables (something that becomes more difficult for me over 4 because of my monitor size) but where I’m not bored because of the limited number of tables. I do allow myself to briefly have 5 tables running in the event that one table is breaking up or one is a bad table and I’m in the process of waiting for the blinds to come around before getting off.

I should mention that this is not a true “rampage”. The standard use of the term as I know it is shortstacking, playing until you have the minimum for the next buyin level and then you move up. When you go broke, you start over again at the lowest level.


Anyway, time to get started.


Later edit: The more I think about it, the less this seems like a rampage. Rampages are normally short lived/high variance/extremely bad bankroll management (if it involves a significant portion of your bankroll)/pure fun and gambling games. This is just a project with very narrow range for variance.

I can’t really make it much more narrow because I want to be able to multitable.  If I didn’t want to multitable then I could do it with simply one buyin for the next level, but I can’t go up with just one buyin for the next level when I want to play at 4 tables.

The only option that I can think of is to cut the “Need to earn” down to 5 from 6 so the starting bankroll is 5, with the dropdown still at 4, otherwise the project bankroll isn’t sufficient to buy in to 4 tables.

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