by PokerAnon ~ January 11th, 2010. Filed under: 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage.

– 18.35

Not going in the right direction. Biggest problem, lost 128 bbs to a LAG who actually had the last Ace when I had paired the Jack on the flop. Won some of it back with QQ over JJ but we both played it hesitantly with a King on the flop.

265 hands, my preflop positional awareness is dropping; 2 this session. I’ve gone back to open raising all pairs from all positions again. I just find small pairs so easy to play from early position; almost every hand turns into a bluff/no bluff situation and an easy fold to 3 bets, flop raises or turn bets.

But by the same token I don’t remember the last time I flopped a set and got value. The flop always seems to come dry and I get little, or I miss and the flop is too many big cards. The one time I did flop a set I guess I should have donk bet as there were 2 callers and the preflop raiser checked the flop. I bet the turn and the preflop raiser called, but a bad card came on the river and I checked and he checked; his AK that called my turn bet with overs and a gutshot.

But that’s what running bad is all about.

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