by PokerAnon ~ January 15th, 2010. Filed under: 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage.

Haven’t been updating much, for a couple of reasons. One is continuing to not run well, though yesterday because I had a nice table with 3 bad and loose players I ended slightly up for the session. The other is losing some enthusiasm for the concept, though at the moment I’m still sticking with it.

One session I had AK losing to QQ, my QQ losing to AK, KK losing to some odd hand that I don’t remember at the moment, plus QQ losing to Q8s when a 60BB stack 3 bet my early position raise and I put him in preflop. Those kind of sessions.

Some hands from the most recent session. First hand this guy has a pretty high post flop bet percentages and a donk percentage, so I opt to just keep calling in position.

Second hand, same table same opponent, when he raises my flop bet I put him on either a 6 or a medium pair, so I’m trying to get him in without scaring him off and he co-operates on the turn.

Then, for a poorly played hand by me. Different table, open raiser is like 26/19, pretty aggressive for $25nl FR. I folded AQo once from the blind to him, but this time I opt to 3 bet AK, which I think is fine.

But the awful part is the next hand, where I decided to try to trap with AA. After 3 betting AK two hands earlier against the same player, this is the perfect situation to 3 bet again, and I don’t, and I get myself into trouble because of it.


So I’m losing some enthusiasm for the project due to various reasons.

  • Not running well (always puts a damper on things)
  • finding 4 tables slow,
  • in combination, realizing that this is going to take a long time.

One aspect to consider is that since I open with 6 buyins and need to get up to 12, I could allow myself to run up to my bankroll less 2 tables all the way up, so when I get to 8 buyins I could be playing up to 6 tables, and at 11 I could play up to 9, ect.

Could this work back the other way as well? In other words, if I had 4 buyins I could play two tables? Once I get to 8 at a current level (= 4 of the next level) I could play two tables of the next level up?

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