by PokerAnon ~ January 16th, 2010. Filed under: 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage.

Today I folded Aces, folded AA, preflop. And I don’t mean that I was sitting out in a tournament saw AA in the hand history, but I was at a cash table and sitting in front of the computer. And I only had 4 tables going at the time, but unfortunately the two bottom tables overlapped the top two by enough that I can’t see the “bet” “fold” buttons. So I apparently moved the bet slider but didn’t click the “bet” button and went to another table. I noticed, before I timed out, but I went back to the table, quickly checked the bet size, then a split second before I could click “bet”, I timed out. Ah well, I don’t think I would have gotten much action. The only player interested was the button, who open limped.

The 4 table layout that I use is nice in terms of size for my monitor but I no longer use the automatic bring table to the front option ’cause it interferes when I’m trying to type notes on players.


Anyway, yesterday I cracked 2,000 total hands in this project, and was just about where I should expect. I’d made just under one buyin (assuming a 5 bb/100 win rate, 100 bbs / 5 = 20, 20 x 100 hands = 2,000 hands to make on buyin) thanks to the last two sessions being modestly up. My expected EV was showing as up 2 buyins, so still showing the effects of running poorly.

Today (a Saturday) I woke up after only sleeping for four hours but was ready to get up so I did. Played one session against mostly European players, 192 hands, 126.35 bb/100 and made over two buyins. It’s a bit of a relief; I actually show 5 sessions in a row up now, though two of them were tiny, but it’s nice to see some green sessions back-to-back after running so well in the fall and then not being able to continue to do so since the start of this project.

My stats still show a lot of opening up from where I was in the fall; 17/11, 15/9, 22/18, 18/14, 19/11 for the last 5 sessions. This compared with 13.3/8.5 during the fall. That’s the result of impatience, impatience with only playing 4 tables, impatience with wanting to get the project moving, and also some awareness that the stats from the fall are pretty nitty compared with most winning player’s stats for this level of full ring. Largely this is coming from going back to open raising all pairs from all positions, simply because small/medium pairs tend to be pretty easy to play even out of position as long as I’m the preflop raiser. It’s tougher flatting a raise from the blinds.

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