by PokerAnon ~ January 17th, 2010. Filed under: 6 and 6 on 4 Rampage.

This one was a bit annoying.

Flop is okay, but jeez, 4 handed. Had I known this table was this weak I would have made a 6x raise preflop. I don’t mind getting in against the short stack immediately to my left, but the raise from the other player is a puzzle. Am I dead to his set? To his set, plus the shortie with a gutshot draw? Or does he have a draw and the shortie top pair?

In retrospect I’m inclined to fold. But there’s a ton of dead money in the pot so the other option is to shove. Because I can’t decide I opt to flat, and then on the turn the guy who raised folds?

This one’s funny.

I have some stats on the preflop raiser; a bit of a weak TAG, doesn’t adjust his raise sizes for limpers, has general TAG stats but not a particularly strong player.

On the flop I think I probably should raise with the OESD but the flush possibility not going my direction, but I wuss out. When the 3 flush comes I still have the draw plus a mild bluff catcher, plus another couple of outs for the set too. My pot equity if I’m behind is lower now because there’s only one card to come but my fold equity has increased with the 3 flush, unless he has the flush.

On the river I think it’s like 50/50 as to whether he’s either got the flush, or is willing to “pay me off” with his paired Ace. He does opt to fold.

But the funny part comes afterwards, in the chat box from another player who wasn’t involved in the hand:

4679 said, “flush”

4679 said, “king or queen high”

So I don’t know if I convinced my opponent, but apparently I convinced this other player.

The biggest single loss was AK that I 4 bet from UTG and got flatted. The flop came 3 of the suit that I had the K for, but the other guy had AK with the Ace and the 4 flush gave him the pot.


Got most of that back, ending up just – 4.75 for the 294 hand session. After the up session the other day I’m over 3 buyins up so I’ve allowed myself to go to 6 tables with my 8 buyins, but I cut that down to 5 tables as 6 seemed to be a jump from 4. At one point during the session I would have been down probably 1 1/4 buyins, so that’s why there needs to be at least a little buffer.

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