by PokerAnon ~ October 9th, 2009. Filed under: Bankroll.

Just to note that the check from PokerStars arrived yesterday; a week after making the request.

Unfortunately, that’s all the poker new for the past few days. Just not getting time to play.

Looking back at the last two entries I’m reminded that I stopped grinding full ring a while back. I had switched to 6 max for a month or so, then at the end of July I deposited on Party and spent August trying to collect the deposit bonus with a micro bankroll, and in September focussed on 2 tabling mini-sessions on Tilt to complete the Take 2 promotion. In other words it’s probably been 3 or 4 months since I grinded full ring and two months since I was working on 6 max.

The grind had been getting to me so the break was good and I think that I’m playing much fresher, but like any change or new thing I seem to be running hot, again. I think I need to play some 6 max as my stats are way too nitty but I can’t complain about the unreasonable bb/100.

I’ve noted something about this in a scheduled post in the main blog, but I’m close to the point of being bankrolled for $100 tables and yet last month I just restarted playing $10 tables again. This time 8x25nl doesn’t feel uncomfortable though, whereas last grind I don’t think that I got comfortable with any more than 6x25nl, so maybe this time I’ll get further than 3 tables of $50nl.

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