$2.28 + .22 turbo

by PokerAnon ~ August 1st, 2011. Filed under: Non-grind playing posts.

End of a $2.28 + 22 180 man turbo on PokerStars. These are the ones that I use most of my T$ on.

These are the last 5 hands of the tournament.

  1. My KQ gets a walk.
  2. The big stack raises from the small blind. He’s been aggressive, as he should be, but I get a hand, and have him dominated. He flops an OESD, but I hold.
  3. I’m the dominating stack and willing to get in with a stack 1/3 my size with an average hand, but I’m dominating again.
  4. Next hand my KQ is dominating his QJ and I hold.
  5. Next hand, last one, heads up, QT is fine to get in against the short stack. Not dominating this time, but I hit.

It’s nice to win one of these again. That makes three firsts and two seconds, mostly played with T$. I wish I could easily get HEM to isolate those tournaments. OPR says I’ve played 67 tournaments this year and 46 last year, cashing $613. The buyin has changed slightly from 2.20 to 2.50 but I’m still up some $330 or so, and even at that most of the $250 or so in buyin costs were T$.

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