Gold star

by PokerAnon ~ August 29th, 2011. Filed under: Non-grind playing posts.

I actually made Gold star this month on PokerStars.

Not much of an accomplishment because this is the month that Stars dropped it’s VPP requirements. I think you can currently get Platinum for the VPP points that used to be required for Silver star. I’m not sure why they’re doing this. Maybe they’re planning to insert new levels in between Platinum and the SuperNova levels.

My volume is way down, due to a number of things: 1) I was running bad playing 4x$25nl, 2) went away for a few days, plus 3) my hard drive on my 10 month old laptop died. And I mean really died. I swapped it with another computer and the other computer’s drive booted in my computer and my drive didn’t even register as being inserted in either computer. I got a warranty replacement sent and it arrived in three days, but then had to spend the next few days installing Windows, drivers, and software.

With the dead hard drive I lost the last ten months worth of hand histories, which is not too awful as I restarted my hand history database after Black Friday anyway since the player pool changed dramatically. But I do need to remember to back up my HEM HUD configuration; that’s a really pain to re-build. After the run-bad, the hard drive crash, and the vacation, I started donking around at $3.50 sit and goes and $10 cash tables, all while surfing the ‘net. In other words, typical fish/casual player approach to the game. Bankroll somehow hit $400 again and I was getting close to Gold star, but it takes forever playing $10 tables so at the end I went to $50 tables. It didn’t take long to finish and I gained a few dollars when I flopped trip 8s from the SB on a T8x board, check-raised the two tone flop, turned quads and bet under half pot on the turn and river trying to rep JT or something and assuming that since he called the flop he had an overpair. It turned out to be a 97 OESD which apparently wasn’t worried about me having TT/T8 on the flop that turned a boat, and where he called my river bet because he paired the 7 on the river. I also tracked a bad player who was overbetting the pot on the first table that I was on. He left after raising me on a low flop after I iso-raised and c-bet with AK on a missed flop. I found him at another table and opened 99. Flop is 442 and he overbet-donked so I raised, he folded and went to another table. I found him again at a $200 table with only one player and where he buys in for $80. I saw him call a raise, then raise the flop on a 633 board and shove the turn with K2s and the other player had 66. Then I didn’t see him again.

There are bad players at every level. But the higher the level you play, the fewer there are.

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