Relearning old lessons

by PokerAnon ~ February 20th, 2012. Filed under: Non-grind playing posts.

Last Friday night I played in the annual company poker tournament fund raiser. $20 buy in and rebuys for another $20, with half the money going to the prize pool and the other half going to Big Brothers.

As is normal I didn’t fare particularly well, slow rolling trip jacks against a min-raiser but folding on the river when a second Ace gave me a boat but also gave any Ace a bigger boat, rebuying after shoving 88 in the big blind and being called by two limpers, one of whom had QQ, and losing at the final table with a short stack when I shoved 88 in the blind again against two limpers, one with 23o and the other with K4s and the flop came with a King to finish my evening. I don’t expect to do well in general against players at these tournaments but it’s a company function and a fundraiser so that’s fine.

What was interesting though was the residue frustration that this left me with. The next day I tried to play a little online but had no patience. The Sunday afterward I had registered for a private freeroll and tried a couple $2.20-180s on Stars as well but again had no patience.

I thought that patience was a normal part of my game, almost second nature or at least third nature and that something had to set me off before I would lose it. But on the other hand I recall telling myself that I played those private freerolls best when I didn’t pay attention and just had my laptop nearby while I vacuumed or cleaned. The $2.20-180s need to be played almost the same.

This comes on the heels of some down sessions of $10nl 6max, where I got boat-over-boated on the river against a megafish after flopping a set and he flopped middle pair, and where I got limp/shoved on by KK over my QQ by a 30/4 who promptly leaves the table and so forth, so it’s building frustrations on top of losing sessions.

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