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Not much to report, but I should at least keep tracking things.

Two more sessions of 2 tables, full buyin at $100nl FR. Up $10, then another $8 making my bb/100 something like 1.2 or 1.4 over 1,200 hands or so.

One of the interesting things is the very clear delineation between multi-tabling regs and loose casual (just plain fishy) players. The regs are almost all tight TAGS or even nits, grinding the FPP points in the easiest way possible, I guess. A few are a little more aggro but very few.

The fish are really not very good, which is to be expected I guess. Seeing anywhere from 25-45% of flops with VPIP to PRF ratios of 5-30%. Maybe I should start referring to them just a fish as there a couple players more like myself who only put in a few thousand hands a month and are winning overall and who could be labeled “casual” as well. Not that I consider myself a winning $100nl player but that PTR shows me as a winning FR player overall.

During my session reviews I used to look up the players on PTR so that I could add to my HEM comments but after a while it became pretty redundant.

  • The loose/non-full buyin players were casual and almost all losers, with varying degrees of aggression and not all that different from the range of casual players at $25nl,
  • the nits were regs and marginal winners or losers grinding massive tables,
  • the tigher TAGs were often reg marginal winners,
  • the weaker/looser TAGs were usually reg marginal losers,
  • the LAGgier regs were often the ones with the better win rates.

There’s another odd group created by the restructuring of the PokerStars tables. I play at the 40-100 bb tables and there are a few regs trying to shortstack with 40 bbs. This has to be a little weird and I’ve seen occasional odd looking plays from some of these players, like trying to squeeze from the blinds and then being left with a PSR ratio of 1:1 on the flop, then check/shoving 86s on a flop with two broadway cards and no flush draw.


And last session I couldn’t find good tables at $100 at first, and opened up 4 $50FR tables instead. Was up on 2, down on 2, but the 2 that I was down on had the worst players but I couldn’t catch good enough hands and kept paying them off. After getting on the 2 $100nl tables I stayed on the 2 bad $50 tables and still couldn’t catch anything there.

But I was very casual in attitude on these $50nl tables. I don’t think I’ve sat at one since December or maybe even November of 2009 and yet I opened up 4 right away. That’s one of the things that I expected to come out of playing at $100nl; some confidence that I can beat players at $50nl and dis-concern for the dollar amounts. I had fun shoving my $72 stack over a c-bet from a overly aggro stack that was down to $18 with my T9 that I had flatted in the BB to his SB raise then getting a T8x flop. He was pissed but I didn’t much care.

Throw in some donking around and out in a couple $2.20 90 man turbo MTTs and some spew at $10 Rush and the $100nl was probably the only thing that was up. Oh well, I don’t play for the money, right?

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