by PokerAnon ~ May 14th, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR, Non-playing grind posts.

Finally managed to play one session last night.

One odd player, 23/0 two to my left kept calling me, calling flops, then betting almost every turn and river, so I let him bet. Board hits the range for someone calling my preflop raise but because he bet most turns and rivers I keep check/calling him.

On another table player opens UTG and I flat AK in middle position. I’m hesitant to 3 bet early position raises, especially from unknowns. He bets the two tone flop and I just call, probably ahead but not wanting to chase him. Turn puts another flush draw on the board and he bets only 1/4 pot? so I raise and he calls. River fills the runner-runner flush and puts a straight on the board, if he opened UTG with a 78 or 23, and he bets 1/2 pot and I snap call, his 77?

Both these players are the type that don’t belong at $100nl. There is a very clear distinction between the regs and the fish and the fish are where the money comes from. The other day I found a player who bought in for $40, played badly and lost and then would go to another table and do the same. When I found them again yesterday I was excited, until I found out that they were playing at a play money table.

The good thing about playing only 2-3 tables is that I can look for fish and I’m not trying to play so many tables that I need to be at tables where there are no fish. The 40 – 100 bb tables are chock full of regs and grinders and if I were trying to play more tables I’d have to have some with no fish.


So I successfully take my stake for $100nl back up to positive; $8 or something over close to 1,900 hands. It takes a long time to accumulate hands when I’m only playing at most 3 tables right now, but you should see my EV graph; up and down, up and down, but according to my EV line I should be plus $124 now rather than just $8. It’s nice to be up even though I’m running way below my EV.

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