What to play?

by PokerAnon ~ January 10th, 2011. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

My poker life is in an awkward spot right now.

I’ve played very little serious poker since maybe October. November was largely taken up with NaNoWriMo, December distracted with the usual December activities, and then we went away from Christmas until after New Years. During that time I don’t think I played any $100nl or $50nl, and maybe three sessions of $25nl.

Because of the time restrictions and focus limits I played Rush Poker at $10nl and a bunch of $2 180 turbo tournaments. I also played freerolls for another project that I was working on.

Now my poker game feels strained.

I know that playing at low levels requires extra patience. I’ve been there, worked my way around, but it looks like it’s asking too much for me to maintain that patience for as long a period as I’ve put myself through lately.

The problem is that I’ve not been running particularly good, and I’ve been un-patientingly tilting off some as well. The net of this is that I’m pretty uncertain where my game is at right now, plus, I’m not certain that I have sufficient desire to grind myself back into shape at $25 or $50.

But staying where I am is not helping, so I guess I have to give it a shot.

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