by PokerAnon ~ May 30th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Nearing the end of May I’ve about completed 4 months of multitable grinding.

So there I sit. Still with a negative bb/100 at 25nl, though that’s somewhat offset by the positive in 25pl. Note the W$SD for 25nl is lowest, an indication of how I’ve run poorly at that level. VPIP/PFR are about the same in all levels except note how tight I’m playing at 50nl, due to it being a new level for me. That’s one of the advantages of playing at a new level; relearning how to play tight and to give the opponent’s some respect. Being tigher, I’m also more aggressive postflop, and seem to be winning more often at showdown. The W$SD is pretty high at 50nl which is usually an indication of being bluffed out of pots, but I don’t recall folding river very often. Small sample size, plus folding earlier rather than calling down, plus at least one if not more instances I can recall of calling river bluffs that I won I think are all factors.

The bb/100 at 50nl is obv not sustainable so I’m running good as well, but on the other hand I started the shot at 50nl with a two buyin stop loss; if I lose two buyins I stop, or at least try to. So far I’m up two buyins instead, but then that’s what happened two years ago when I first tried 25nl. I had a two buyin stop loss, got up to about 4 buyins up, then tilted, then got off the grind.

I’m also liking the fact that even though I keep pushing the number of tables at 10nl, the bb/100 remains decent. I’m sure that’s due as much as anything from the confidence being developed at the higher levels. I had a downswing there too early on and had a negative bb/100 for a while but I recovered without hitting a second bigger downswing immediately after as happened with 25nl.

April is the cruelest month. I started on the last day of January, played the most minutes and hands in April, also lost the most, or at all. And it wasn’t due to pressing, but rather the big downswings at 25nl took place in early April. In May my time and hands really has been down quite a bit, more than I thought. Half as many minutes, half as many hands, but winning more dollars than even March due to the fact that I’m playing higher buyin levels. About the first half of March is 10nl and the last half is 25nl, whereas May I’ve been mixing all three levels.

I guess it’s reassuring how my EV ran so badly during April as well, hopefully confirming that it wasn’t just due to bad play on my part. But the fact that I ran under EV only during that month is probably an indication that I tilted off a bunch of money as well.

In April I barely made silverstar, and I’m going to lose that this month. Slightly less that half as much time, about half as many hands, and very slightly more than only 1/2 way to silverstar for May, so I was on about the same pace per hour or per hand as April.

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