by PokerAnon ~ August 29th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

I opened Full Tilt this morning and it asked to upgrade. I okayed the upgrade, but then it also asked to upgrade Adobe Flash. This is interesting because I use Mozilla as my normal browser, Internet Explorer as my default browser but ZoneAlarm to let me control automatic browser access to the internet. In other words when another program wants access via a browser it has to get permission from me via ZoneAlarm, but when I want to use a browser I use Mozilla. I have my Mozilla set so that Flash does not automatically load so that I don’t get crap Flash index pages playing when I don’t want them to.

Long story short I don’t much care about the Flash player that I have installed, but because one of my primary poker programs was asking for it to be upgraded I did so. Tilt is using Flash to run its hand replayer.

A long time back hand replayers were pretty simple items and pretty clunky. Tilt had a graphic replayer but it was pretty basic. Stars then made a nice graphic one and then recently Tilt upgraded theirs to be similar to Stars. The new Tilt one looks pretty slick. But it seems to lack speed control so that I can specify how slow or fast the hand replays for me. But Stars I think is the same and are not as handy as HEM or PT3 replayers which do have speed controls. This is especially useful in a tourney situation with antes, as the graphic replayer has to chug through each player posting their ante preflop.

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