by PokerAnon ~ October 12th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

One thing that I want to note in here, so I’m putting it in a separate entry so that it stands out, is how tight I’ve become OOP.

This is for full ring mind you, but I’m now open folding AQ and lower from the first three positions as well as sometimes 88 and down.This is contributing to my nitty VPIP.

I’m also not automatically setmining with small pairs from the blinds unless the player is definitely TAG and has a full stack so that I can get good implied odds if he has a big pair or catches the flop. I will set mine if there are two players already in and both have at least a half a stack. It just gets to difficult to extract value OOP with a set if the flop is dry.

From mid position I’m thinking in terms of what I would open with in 6 max; all pairs, AJ and up plus KQ. And then from there, progressively open up. I’m also getting better at folding AQ when there’s too much preflop action.

All of this together is making it easier for me, playing far less often OOP. I think the most common difficult situation these days is when I 3 bet from the blinds against a late position raiser who flats preflop and then I miss the flop with AK/AQ or an overcard comes.

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