by PokerAnon ~ October 14th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Not much poker time available these days, but I realized that I should note my Party Poker freeroll attempts. I’m sometimes (though not always, and I don’t know why) eligible for a private freeroll, even though in theory I shouldn’t be because there was a deposit date requirement back in the spring, long before I deposited there.

But I’ve played two so far, and they have large payouts and only 60 or so players. The first one I went out early because the play was so much worse than I expected. The more recent one I almost ITMed, which would have had a significant impact on my ~$100 bankroll there, but again I found it difficult adjusting to the overall poor level of play. Maybe this is just how Party plays as opposed to the PokerStars and Full Tilt private freerolls. I saw very few of the same players that I see on the private ones on the other sites.

I don’t remember specifics, but I do remember open shoving AQ from mid position with 8 remaining, tourney pays 6, 3 of us with 10 bbs and wondering whether that’s too risky. Was called from the blinds with AK and I was done which is fine, but given the poor level of play maybe shoving AQ from mid two spots away from the money is too risky. Better to wait for a better situation like later position, or wait a few more orbits to open shove in hopes that I pick up a better situation, or some other players take themselves out.

(Later edit: I should keep in mind that these are the results of two tournaments with around 60 players in each. In theory I shouldn’t be expecting to win money after playing only two tournaments with that many opponents, but I do.)

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