by PokerAnon ~ November 15th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Not much to report; struggled trying to accomplish something on Party, won some money last night playing with friends at 10nl at Stars, and didn’t unregister for the Sunday 1/4 million to give it a try. Went out 10,000 place or something, out of 30,000 runners. Pretty darn weak play, but too many runners to try to get through.

The other item to note: Full Tilt has a December promotion, offering $100 bonus. Now, the interesting thing is that I rarely play at Tilt because I don’t have much of a bankroll there; right now around $250. At the same time I’m just starting to try to get a grip on playing up to 8 tables of $50nl, at Stars where most of my bankroll is. Is this going to be another reason to abort my, hmm, probably my third stab at $50nl? I mean obv I can’t play 8 tables of $50nl at Tilt with a $250 bankroll, and even playing 4 would be silly. But to cover this promotion I could slide back to say 6 tables of 25nl? And even keep 2 tables of 25 or 50nl at Stars if I want the regular feel?

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