by PokerAnon ~ December 15th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Not much posting, basically due to a lack of playing.

I’d been dreading, or at least not looking forward to the first two weeks of December because I knew it was going to be busy. Two gigs, two meetings on top of regular family responsibilities and I went into a bit of a depression in the middle of it. I guess it was a good thing that I wasn’t actively grinding during that period.

The other day I realized that two of my other hobbies make money for me as well. Playing music gets me paying gigs, and for the last two years even the NFL football pool has won me money as well. Last year I won two weeks by myself which returned almost 3 x the $150 buyin for the season, and this year I won 1/2 of a week and 1/8 of a week, before winning a week by myself again so I’m almost up 2 seasons worth of buyins again this year.

The nice thing about NFL winnings is that I have a computerized system that I’ve developed that requires a small amount of data entry each week but which by mid-season does a nice job of making good picks with little effort or thought on my part. A few minutes of data entry of stats and I can send off my weekly picks the same day the spreads come out. By the time the games come around I’ve forgotten who I picked so I don’t agonize over the games from a pool perspective.


The only poker I’ve been playing in the last couple of weeks is some private freerolls, and the $1.50 + 0.20 Super Turbos on Full Tilt.

For some reason these really fit my mindset lately;

  • minimal thinking,
  • just wait for the right times to mash the “all in” button,
  • it’s so cheap that winning or losing doesn’t matter,
  • I can watch television, play Lexulous, or read emails while I play,
  • the players are pretty inexperienced so I don’t have to agonize over my play here either

Heh, pretty obvious that I’m down with some general lethargy these days.

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