by PokerAnon ~ December 29th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Not sure where things are going these days.

I suspect what’s gonna happen is I’ll donk around for the rest of the holiday season, start grinding again in the new year, probably re-starting at 10nl again. I think I’ve lost some confidence again what with not playing much and playing micro tourneys and some super turbos. There’s just no real chance to focus this time of year.

I suspect that I’ve lost some survival focus that I usually have for tournaments too. A couple times I’ve caught myself post raise/shove-call thinking that I should have folded, waited for a better opportunity. That may be partially arising from impatience that comes from playing single tournaments and doing a lot of folding, as opposed to the action that I’m more used to playing 8 cash tables at a time. And in one or two bad pay offs in cheap cash games paying off chaser/slowplayers. I think that I’ve got to keep in mind playing 10nl at Party that I should play like I did at CDP; sitting at just one or two tables and just looking for the maniac that’s going to pay me off. It worked pretty regularly for me at CDP, and worked nicely at Party on one table. On another it was interesting to play LAG for a while while I had hands, but when I started to settle back I realized that the table was full of TAG/Nits and ended up down a few bbs.

And then probably no poker during the first two weeks of March since I’ll be out of the country. Or maybe I’ll take my computer, but I doubt I’ll do much serious poker. So any grind momentum will only get a couple months of workout before it’ll get broken again.

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