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Some additional observations on $100FR so far:

I’m enjoying this. I don’t feel rushed because it’s one table. I don’t feel pressured, both because it’s one table but also because I’m buying in for 60 bbs. I don’t feel outclassed, ’cause I see some questionable plays by some of the other players. I’m having fun watching the hands play out because these players are better than the ones that I normally play against.

I am trimming some things off my game; not opening 66 and down from early position, not 3 betting quite so much from the blinds as I had been doing at $25nl, not considering trapping with AA/KK. I think that playing straightforward and avoiding creating difficult situations for myself is the way to go for now.

I’m not adding or increasing my aggression; in fact I’m reining it in a bit. It’s not that I think that my aggression is too high for this level, but rather that I might get myself in more difficult situations if I don’t at least consider a less-aggressive option in each situation.

I’m aware of some bankroll-itus, or, not scared money, but cheap money thoughts. I’m aware and unhappy and aware that I’m unhappy when my stack drops below my original buyin level. Cheap money is probably a closer description than scared money.

I know that I’m obviously running hot. I can’t expect that every time I flat AQo to a SB raise that I’m going to flop an Ace, or when I flat AKs that I’ll flop TP with the nut flush draw, or that I’ll put a short stack in who has a flush draw and a gutshot draw rather than a pair when I have just overcards with no draws.

There is a pretty clear separation between the regs and the casual players, at least at the tables that I’ve been able to get on (40-100 bb tables of the new segregation imposed by Stars) and given the time of day that I get on. Regs buy in full and auto-rebuy. Casuals mostly don’t have a full stack and don’t auto-rebuy (I think mine is still set to 95% or something, which I intentionally use to look less like a reg or decent player). Some of this separation is likely due to the new table segregation (no room for pro shortstackers).

Maybe only half of the regs I’ve played so far are at all winning players according to PTR. A lot are pretty marginal (+/- 0.50 bb/100) and there seems to be as many clear winners as losers, again, just considering the regs. FPP rewards must be decent when you play 700,000+ hands in six months at $100nl.

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