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by PokerAnon ~ October 15th, 2011. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

I forgot the tournament hands, but I don’t play a lot. Mostly what I’ve played are the 180 seat turbo sit and goes that used to be $2.20 and are now $2.50 on PokerStars, plus some sit and goes and some Rush tournaments on other sites.

The 180 seat turbos are what I use my T$ for or, sometimes I’ll also play them while I’m watching a movie or football games. Over two years I’ve  played 141 of these with an ROI of just over 100%. For 141 I’ve paid $325.80 to play and my net, after buyin costs, is plus $377.09. Or $662.89 before deducting the entry fee. This means that for every  $1.00 that I pay to enter I get $2.02 back. Easy bits of small winnings.

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