February goal

by PokerAnon ~ February 1st, 2011. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts, Rush Poker.

My biggest issue over the past year or so is no interest in projects or having targets. I’ll get started on something, then lose interest. Moving up in stakes clearly has little interest for me. I have the bankroll to sit at $50 or $100 tables whenever I feel like it, but not the interest to play enough sessions to get comfortable. But playing lower stakes gets frustrating/annoying and can seem like a waste of time because the small winnings don’t outweigh the frustration from the suckouts.

So for something different I’m targeting 1,350 FTPs for the (short) month of February, playing 4 instances of $10 FR Rush Poker. The prize; a week of CardRunners. CR will give a free month for 5,500 FTPs in a month but I don’t have the bankroll there to be able to earn that. But they also give a week for 25% earned and that’s my target.

My reason? To get more videos from Rick Mask. Sometime last year I got a free period at StoxPoker before it amalgamated into CardRunners and I picked up some of Rick Mask’s videos. I’m still rewatching them on occasion. His thinking and his explanations are great and for some time I’ve been trying to figure out a way for me to get some time at CR to pick up more of his videos.

February is obviously a bad month to try to do this since it’s the shortest month of the year, but I should be able to make it easily. First session, 70 minutes, 1,000 hands, 145 FTPs. Averaging about 2 FTPs per minute, so around 12 hours of playing required, with one down already. 11 more hours, over 27 days remaining in the month should be doable since my sessions are normally between 30 – 90 minutes.

A subset of this goal is to not spew off my entire Tilt bankroll. If I make money it’ll be a bonus, but I’m trying not to lose too much. Playing $10nl and playing Rush pushes me pretty close to the emotional edge these days so just maintaining some balance is a challenge.

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