Installing a 3rd WordPress blog sharing the same database

by PokerAnon ~ October 17th, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Gaah, I tried to create a 3rd blog on my domain that shared the same database as this one and the main one. I thought it was working okay, but later this blog and the new one got crossed; trying to log in fresh to either one would take me to the other one.

After a lot of frustration trying to check and recheck the wp-config.php file I downloaded a script that purported to reset the location values. I put it in this directory, ran it, but instead it reset my main blog values.

I used the script again to reset the main blog settings back to correct, then went to WordPress to ask in the forum for help.

Then I got the brilliant idea to use the settings screen to help me find the actual database value names by viewing the .php script that generates that page; it told me that the fields are called “siteurl” and “home”. I went to my host’s control panel, searched the database for “home”, found the likely tables with the “daily” table prefix (which is what identifies the tables as belonging to the Daily Grind blog), and found the offending value.

After manually correcting both values, things seem to be back to normal. But if anything seems different or odds, please let me know.


Later edit: and I needed to edit the .htaccess file, which also got crossed over to the wrong blog location. The blog seemed to be working properly, but the categories weren’t working until I edited the .htaccess file as well. .htaccess is a hidden file that should be in the root of the blog’s location, along with the wp-config.php file. Using ftp I enabled viewing hidden files, downloaded .htaccess, found that it too had references to the 3rd blog, corrected them and uploaded and finally everything seems to be working.

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