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by PokerAnon ~ March 30th, 2011. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

Projects work well for me. That’s something that I’ve known for a long time.

The most recent one was to collect a $25 redeposit bonus on Stars. Before that the project was to earn enough FTP points for one week of CardRunners. Both were targets that I might be able achieve in two weeks of regular playing but had the flexibility to spread out and take up to a month if need be. Both had fixed numerical goals to measure and track myself. Both had carrots dangled in front of me by outside sources.

Other successful projects in the past include the completion of my first deposit bonus and a couple of sit and go projects, first practicing raise/fold/no call at play money tables and then looking for an ROI at the $2 SnGs. The two longest projects that I can recall are the original deposit bonus and then the grind of trying to add more tables to my game where I started back at $10nl trying to add more and more tables and eventually moving up as far as $50nl over a period of a few months. Some other short ones came from other deposit bonuses or a couple Full Tilt Take Two promotions.

Some failed projects include the 6 x 6 on 4 rampage and some single buyin shots at higher stakes. Those ones failed in the sense that they never generated a lot of enthusiasm or playing time. My single buyin shot at $100nl FR for example never got beyond a couple thousand hands and I did not manage to 1) lose $100 or 2) get comfortable and stick with $100nl. I did get comfortable enough that I will pull up $100nl FR tables once in a while so it wasn’t a waste of time but I’ve still never moved beyond a few dollars negative (and still at almost a full buyin positive EV!) at that level. And I know that there are a number of other projects that don’t come to mind atm.

So here’s the start of another project. The goal of this one: to play 2,500 hands of $50nl FR during the next 30 days. I came up with that number by assuming 50 hands/hour x 4 tables and 3-1 hour sessions per week as reasonable and then rounded the month to 30 days and the hands to 2,500. No monetary goals, no FPP goals, only a total number of hands target in a reasonable amount of time. Back in the days of the first deposit bonus I played a one hour session virtually every day. Now I’m only expecting 3 sessions per week because the newness of the poker game has long worn off plus I work later which has a large affect on my ability to clear time to play in the evenings.

The objective? Besides getting me to play more often and to focus at one level for a while I want to start accumulating enough hands to evaluate my game at levels other than just $25nl. My $50nl bb/100 in something ridiculous right now but that’s over a few thousand hands played over a wide period of time in varying circumstances (mixed $50 and $25 tables, mixed $50 and $100 tables, mixed with tournaments on the side). Even 2,500 is not much, but it’d be a start. That’s assuming that the project even gets off the ground, as some have died in infancy.

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