New Rush Poker project; Raise Everything

by PokerAnon ~ March 18th, 2010. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts, Raise Everything, Rush Poker.

‘K, starting a new project. Probably a short one. Playing on Rush Poker.


  1. I have to Open raise every hand from every position
  2. Iso-raise any limp or limpers at every opportunity
  3. 3-bet in position often
  4. Squeeze often from the blinds

So my VPIP should be 90% or so (which is why Rush Poker lends itself to this project) except for those times where it’s a bad situation, like:

  • 3 betting a short stack with crap cards,
  • stealing from late position from multiple short stacks,
  • facing heavy action.

PFR should be almost the same as VPIP except for situations where I might flat raises in position:

  • with medium/small pairs
  • or any two cards, to work on playing position/float practice, if I’d rather do this than 3 bet preflop.

And to go along with these rules, one objective:

  1. Try not to loose too much money.


The learning and experience objectives in this project are to:

  • Work on board texture reading
  • Work on hand reading
  • Get experience playing out of position
  • Get experience with controlled hyper-aggression preflop
  • Get more comfortable playing with less consideration for cards
  • Continue to work on the shift between preflop aggression and controlled post-flop aggression, a very old nemesis of mine.

I guess that I could even cover up my cards on the screen, but there’s no real need to do so since mostly I’m forced to play everything anyway, plus I do want avoid loosing too much money so when I have something I might as well get value for it.


I’m expecting this to be a short project for a number of reasons. I don’t think I’ll be too comfortable doing this for too long, and for those players who use HUDs they’ll be able to note how I’m playing (though if I’ve already played them, that’ll be offset by the data already there from my normal playing style). Plus I won’t be surprised if this ends up costing me money, and, my Tilt bonus period runs out soon which is the primary reason for playing at Tilt these days.

And after this, I hope that I’m getting off the Rush Poker train.


I tried a bit of this last night and ended up in some weird situations. At least, they were weird to me.

  • Opened T8s from UTG + 1, both blinds called. Flop is TTx, SB, check/folds, BB donks 2/3 pot. I dunno what to make of this so I just call all 3 streets. He had JJ. Afraid to 3 bet pre, I guess, but then I don’t know the point of donking 3 streets.
  • Opened A4o from early, 2 callers behind. On an Ace high board and out of position I end up paying off a short stack who called behind with AJ. I’m not experienced with getting into these dominated situations when I’m out of position. It’s particularly ugly when I’m up against a short stack.
  • 3 bet KJo from the button, flat called from the BB, OR folds. Flop is J high, BB checks, I bet, he check-raises? Doesn’t make much sense unless he’s tried to trap with AA/KK, but why try to trap out of position when I 3 bet pre?
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