Pause, for consideration

by PokerAnon ~ December 1st, 2009. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

After what was probably a small down session, only playing 4 tables of 25nl FR because I only had 40 minutes to play, I was left still trying to figure out where my head is at in terms of poker.

I’m gonna ramble here, ’cause I wanna trace what I’m not sure that I’m clear on, at least at a conscious level.

So, after maybe 3 months away from multitable grinding FR during the past summer, I sporadically restarted in September, I think with a session or two at 10nl to get going, then switching to 25nl. Even during Sept I was focussed on the Tilt bonus for playing at least 2 tables for 25 days during the month so I didn’t get many real sessions in, and I didn’t count playing on Tilt as it usually only lasted 10-15 minutes and only on 2 tables.

In October I started playing more sessions, played a few at $50nl FR, then allowed myself to get distracted with Tilt’s new holiday promotion. Gradually I pulled myself away from that and back to grinding 25nl on Stars with the odd table or two of 25nl on Tilt mixed in.

Back last spring I was having a heck of a time with 3-6 tables of 25nl FR. Now in the fall I was finding 8 x 25nl FR to be pretty much guaranteed money; running over 20 bbs/100 (10 BBs/100) and having long streaks of consecutive winning sessions.

But I’d been starting to play scared. Not scared money, but I think scared of losing and bringing down my win rate.

In some ways it makes sense. Take into consideration my struggles in the spring with mulitabling 25nl, and that period being only the most recent example in a long series of separate periods playing 25nl all of which had difficulties of different types, and to now have given the impression that I’ve finally “solved” 25nl for myself sets myself up for failure eventually, especially given that I know that running over 10 BB/100 is ridiculously hot. In other words it’s pretty unlikely that I could maintain that rate over the next 10,000 hands, but in spite of that, to not do so is going to be disappointing.

So I’m a bit stuck, actually. Options include things such as:

  • getting back, targeting at least another 5,000 hands or so while trying to play well and not self destruct (that’s the worrisome part)
  • trying 10-12 tables of 25nl, though it’s hard to find enough tables with enough decent stack sizes that I can get on in a one hour session as it is
  • re-starting, taking a step back to 10nl again before sitting at 25nl in order to give me some time away and get some balance or perspective
  • go back up to 50nl, where I’m already rolled and have some experience and see how that works in comparison. I think the 3 sessions in the last period were something like 8bb/100 which is decent. Those are included in the 20bb/100 above
  • I can always try something else altogether; a SnG project, focus on my Tilt or Party bankrolls, trying more than 8 tables

During this period I’ve made 24 buyins at 25nl or 12 for 50nl. Or 6 for 100nl for that matter, pushing my total bankroll into a comfort range for 100nl. Maybe the money matters too much, which is why I don’t push myself up? Or maybe the total money doesn’t matter too much, which is why I don’t push myself up.

I recall a relatively high stakes FR video and the instructor was saying how he recognised some of the players from higher levels saying things like “maybe he cashed out, maybe he went on a downswing, maybe he’s looking for some action without too much stress …” When I last grinded back in the spring I was mixing 10-12 x 10nl, 3-8 25nl and 2-3 5onl sessions. Now I’m not playing as often, plus since I’m already at 8 x 25nl I don’t know that 12+ tables of 10nl is something I really need to do.

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