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by PokerAnon ~ October 10th, 2011. Filed under: Non-playing grind posts.

I requested the last two years of my PokerStars hand histories. Often if I change computers I ignore hand histories older than a year since I don’t expect to run into the same players again so I don’t often have this much history.

This probably amounts to about half the hands that I played during that period of time, with the bulk of the rest being at Full Tilt and some at Party and Entraction.


So not a lot of hands in total. Only for brief periods of times have I ever spent time grinding. I never did lose that $100 one buyin shot at $100nl before giving up and lost a couple big hands where I was ahead, therefore the big +EV compared with the winnings at that level. It’s interesting that my EV is half my winnings at my main level of $25nl.

If I graph just those hands from $25nl I can see that I’ve run above EV almost from the start and stayed at twice EV. And my non-showdown winnings are a huge negative, meaning that the showdown winnings of the blue are way positive in order for the net to be positive.

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