Posting, just to post

by PokerAnon ~ May 10th, 2010. Filed under: $100nl FR, Non-playing grind posts.

Haven’t posted for almost a week, partly because I haven’t played much.

I did manage to take my stake for $100nl FR down to -$58 or so a while back, 5 bet shoving my AK from the SB over an iso-raise from the button against two fish in mid position who limped. I still think it’s not an awful play given there was $60 in the pot when I shoved my last $65, but, ah well. That’s what you have a bankroll for.

But that was like 5 days ago, and I don’t think I’ve played much $100nl since, nor anything else other than some donking around in cheap SitnGoes and some Rush poker.

I do want to at least play out my $100 stake, if not the entire $200 stake, but I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night for the last week which has left me often too tired to play, or at least, without enough attention to want to play $100nl and steered me instead toward donk and goes.

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