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by PokerAnon ~ January 18th, 2011. Filed under: $ 50nl FR, Non-playing grind posts, Rush Poker.

I’m at the point again where I’m playing more, which generates more poker thoughts, which generates more blog posts, which backlogs entries in the main blog so that the events mentioned in the main blog are behind what I write about here.


One of the things that I’m noticing is that I seem to be comfortable playing $50nl in a way that I can’t recall from previous moves to this level. I’ve made multiple moves over the years but they always get derailed when I run out of steam and enthusiasm for grinding. I’ve been rolled for it for years and last spring took stabs at $100nl since I was minimally rolled for that as well. This time I only played two or three sessions of $25nl before moving to $50nl so the grind momentum hasn’t dissipated yet.

On top of that I like my attitude this time toward playing at $50nl. The list of likely sources for this improved attitide include:

  • my stab at $100nl last year, which confirmed to me that I’m not overmatched at that level
  • total accumulated experiences with $50nl
  • even larger overall bankroll, even though I have only $1,000 in my PokerStars account right now after another $700 withdrawal in December
  • experiences playing $10nl Rush Poker

The last one is interesting. It has little to do with the playing abilities of my respective opponents since comparing $10nl Rush Poker players to $50nl FR at Stars is not a great comparison (other than in terms of nittiness of some players). It has more to do with the detachment that playing Rush Poker, given its roulette seating, is helping me to develop.

I’m finding improved emotional removal in my play. This includes feeling freer and having fuller access to the range of plays that I am familiar with, including repeated and shameless blind stealing, opening and c-betting middle suited and one gapped connectors from all positions when the table is tight, floating when I have position, and three betting a wider range. It also includes being able to bet/raise postflop without compunction, and being able to give up, again without too much compunction. Those recently improved “shamelessness” and “without compunction” freedoms I credit to my time playing Rush Poker.

Another part of my detachment and overall better attitude has to come from repeated remembering that $50 is a tiny portion of my bankroll and so yes, getting it in preflop with KK even though there’s a good chance he has AA is fine, and yes, coming over the top when I think that I have fold equity as well as some draw equity is fine. If I lose or I have to fold later, that’s fine too. I’m “okay-er” with these things that I used to be. $50 is no longer outside of my emotional bankroll table limit.

$50nl FR tables often seem to be the nittiest level. $25nl and lower are progressively looser and even $100nl FR often seems less tight. $200nl FR and up seem looser yet (presumably LAG-gier rather that the loose-passive of $10nl and down), at least judging by the stats in the lobby. It can be pretty boring and frustrating trying to play TAG at $50nl FR when the rest of the table is doing the same thing and everyone is waiting for big hands or a fish to sit in. I think the fish are more inclined to sit at $100 tables than $50 tables because it’s a nice round number and closer to the denominations they’re familiar with from live casinos.

The point being that it’s nice to gain the emotional freedom to open up my game to counter the tightness of the tables in spite of the past difficulty that I’ve had trying to get comfortable at this level.

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