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Update, just to update.

I’ve played very little cash games in the past few weeks, other than some $10nl FR Rush poker when I feel like donking around. Like the other day a bunch of people that I know were at a $10 FR deep table at Tilt, and even though there was some chatter going on I got bored and opened up an instance of Rush as well. I do the same when I’m playing a tournament or sit and go because I don’t like to multi-table tournaments.

The simple convenience factor of Rush is incomparable.

But I run strangely at Rush. It always goes in waves; I’ll have 3-5 up sessions, then 3-5 down sessions, followed by 3-5 up sessions, followed by, well you get the idea. If I look at my regular cash game sessions it goes much less predictably. Overall since I started the last Rush project I think I’m up $20 or something, pretty much where I was after the first couple of sessions so I’m not getting any closer to making $100 so I can move to $25nl.

In the meantime I have tried to play sit and goes and tournaments; my standard cure for running poorly at cash games. The $3 + .40 9 man ones on Stars seem to be my best option for turning T$ into cash, but the time it takes is an issue for me.

Then I accidentally registered for a $2 + .15 super turbo on Tilt. When they first came out I played $3.30 ones and I don’t recall a $2 version but these seem ideal for me. Mash the all-in button, make only one decision per hand and take your chances. I’ve played 13 so far with 4 1sts and 3 2nds. Because I don’t multi-table tournaments even that represents 3 sessions for me.

At least I’m winning there as opposed to breaking even at cash games on Stars and Rush.

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