by PokerAnon ~ July 12th, 2010. Filed under: Rush Poker.

Finished my first day of the Rush Poker Week. Started with two instances of $10nl FR, then found it slow so I started a 3rd one but the problem was that they overlapped too much, especially as I was also tracking my FTP points at the bottom of my screen. As a result I didn’t quick fold quite as fast with 3 open as I could have done. Next time I’ll do it with my external monitor connected to the laptop as well so I have more room. I mean, I can tile on the laptop, but the HUD is too small to read.

  • 1,246 hands,
  • 112 minutes,
  • $ 29.53,
  • 23.7 bb/100 = 11.85 BB/100,
  • VPIP 17.7,
  • PFR 13.5,
  • 3 bet 5.6,
  • AFF 2.16,
  • W$SD 44.4.

So I’ve already won more than the bonus ($25) that I hope to collect. It’s nice being the the Pacific Time zone as I can play after 9PM and have it count toward the next day, or play before 9PM if I didn’t play the day before after 9. I get two chances to play for each Eastern time zone day. But because it takes close to 2 hours and I’ve got things happening Wed and Fri for sure and maybe other evenings as well I’m not even going to try to bother to play all 7 days.

Memorable hands;

  • I sucked out on a LAG who I 4 bet with QQ from the SB. His range was wide for his iso-raise and I figured still fairly wide for a big overbet shove over my 4 bet, and I rivered a Q against his KK. It felt like a reward for making the correct play against his range.
  • Paid off a half stack who had called my 3 bet with 55 and flopped quads
  • Paid off a half stack when he was pot committed when he and another called my PFR and I had AK on a QJx flop; he had QJ
  • 3 bet QQ over a minraise and was called, 762 or something flop, he checks, I bet, he check-raises 2.5 x, I shove and he calls, his A5s with some weak draws I dunno I didn’t check.
  • I folded KK, 130 bbs deep after raising, late caller, squeeze from TAGish player, I 4 bet smallish, he min-5 bets? I have 1/4 of my stack in, he has 1/2 of his stack, is he doing this with AK? QQ? JJ?
  • I 3 bet a stealer, c-bet a KQx flop, check turn, check river, he bets smallish, I call to see what he flats my 3 bet with, he has AQo. If he has a HUD then his play is okayish, assuming that he knows that my range is wide and is playing accordingly. But AQ is a potentially dominated hand and he could get himself trapped pretty well with it, especially if he doesn’t have a HUD and it’s more a matter of he just can’t bring himself to fold AQ. I had 55 so I wasn’t going too far with it.

Generally it’s nice when the stealers fold to 3 bets instead of flatting. Even the 40 bb stacks were mostly folding, but hey, when you steal 75 or 80 percent as some of the players stats show, you should be folding. I think I 3 bet T7o against one of these.

It’s good to win; I think I’ve spewed off $50 or so trying to figure out how to play the $4.40 Rush tournies so I had given up all the $10 Rush and $2 Super Turbo winnings that I had accumulated in the past month.

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