by PokerAnon ~ August 14th, 2010. Filed under: Rush Poker.

* Modified September 9th, 2010 *

Always gotta post the interesting ones.

Almost no hands, but he does know how to 3 bet. I flat because no matter what his style I’m way ahead of his 3 bet range.

Yucky flop, but if he’s got AK I’m ahead so I just call. Yuckier turn, but it still could be a medium pair.

On the river the chances of him having the last Q is tiny, and if he started with AK he’s now counterfeited, so I donk pot and call his shove.

I guess he’s trying to bluff the Q, or, failing that, split the pot playing just the board. Unfortunately for him there’s one other hand besides the last Q that beats him.

later edit: Or a K; I missed that

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