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Some more Rush Poker.

First hand I’m showing his cards at the beginning because I don’t like the flat preflop, though I’m raising from early position. But the worst part is, why call the flop bet with overcards? Is he, a non-full stack player at $25nl Rush Poker, sharp enough to realize that the flop is pretty dry other than the flush draw? If so, he should be ready to bluff the flush it if fills or bet the turn if I check as a float. Or is he just someone that can’t fold overcards, especially AK?

On the turn I can see the check behind; he now has a bluff catcher and may be ahead but the flush just filled, though it’s more likely that he should have the flush draw than me since he called which is why I checked the turn and why I bet the river smallish. I really didn’t expect AK.

Next hand against an aggressive player from the blinds, 3 bets 100% and steals 100% though only over 14 hands. Raise from me is fine, I 4 bet because of his stats but am surprised that he flats.

Because he flats OOP I suspect he doesn’t know what to do when 4 bet, so when he donks, I’m really inclined to shove. I mean, what am I 4 betting that is afraid of a King on the flop? QQ/JJ, but AA/KK are very happy to get it in and so is AK, the most likely holding after AA/KK when I 4 bet. Unless he has stats on me, and I only have 14 hands on him and I’m certainly not 3bet from the blinds of %100, let alone steal of %100, there’s very little he can fold out.

So I read his donk as a bluff attempt, sometimes a K or AA, but mostly a desperation play from someone that doesn’t know how to react to my 4 bet. At a higher level I think a shove over his donk bet is a better option than at this level because I don’t think my opponent’s hand reading ability is good enough, so my shove on the flop is probably spew. But when I do shove the flop, what does he think I’ve 4 bet preflop and shove that he beats with his actual cards? Maybe he donks to pot-commit himself? If he openshoves the flop I’m more likely to fold but by donking he makes a pretty good play, assuming that he wants to entice me to shove overtop.

Oh well, I suck out majorly.

One of the issues that I face because I don’t grind is that I make extrapolations with limited information. At ring games I’ll use just 50 hands to make guesses as to a player’s range and style and at Rush I’ll go ahead with even less.

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