Early results; Raise Every Hand project

by PokerAnon ~ March 19th, 2010. Filed under: Raise Everything, Rush Poker.

My first attempt at the new project.

213 hands, VPIP of 71.4, PFR of 69, (keeping in mind this is Full Ring RushPoker, so every table has 9 players at it) minus 120 bb/100 loss rate. I think that I can get that down a bit. Or up a bit, depending on how you look at it. Losing less money, or losing it slower, I hope.

Of the 146 times that I raised preflop, I folded to a 3 bet 13 times. Of the 129 times that there was no 3 betting preflop, I saw a flop 75 times, only taking it down preflop 54 times! And on the flop I c-bet 52 times for a 70% c-bet rate, which is a tad low for me but so many times I had multiple callers and of course no hand. The c-bets took it down 26 times so a 50% c-bet success rate.

It’s interesting to note that the $ per instance rate for Raise/C-bet called and for Raise/No flop are equal and the quanties as well, meaning they offset each other. Bet/Folds, Folds to donk bets and Check/Folds are always going to cost money but many of the folds and check/folds were multiway pot.

On the turn it’s hard to say. When you open raise 83o, you don’t hit many flops so it’s hard to fire a second bullet. I know that often players at this level seem to often wait for you to fire on the turn to see if you were serious, or to see if the turn improves their hand. On the other hand, I also know that I’m losing money overall and that turn bets are larger than the flop bet, which is larger than the preflop bet which makes it seem like spew unless I have a reason to believe that a second barrel might work.

On the other hand, playing out of position makes it easy to fall suceptable to floats or even river steals, and it’s worse because my hand has no value. If I raise with 55, at least I have a pair. If I raise with AK, at least I have Ace high. 83 doesn’t often have much pot equity at the turn, much less for a river call.


Some things that I noted:

  • Short stacks are a nuisance. There’s no reason to call or raise a really short stack, and if any short stack 3 bets I can’t do much of anything. Mind you, I did 4 bet AK from late and got called by a 40 bb stack in the BB who 3 bet/called my 4 bet with J9o, and proceeded to hit trip Jacks.
  • I was surprised by the number of times that I open raised and had 2 or more callers. I had never noticed this before but I presume that because normally I open raise from early position so infrequently that I’d never noticed how often you get multiple callers.
  • It’s really hard to hit a flop with 83o, J3s, Q5o and the like. Without position to try to take pots away all I’m relying on is my opponents folding to c-bets, and that only happens half the time.
  • Opponents at this level call with potentially dominated hands. That being the case, they also don’t fold when I bet a flop that hit my positional range  hard. And since my range right now is everything I don’t actually hit these ranges, so betting them is really hit and miss as to whether they are going to fold.
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