Mid month “Rush to CardRunners”

by PokerAnon ~ February 16th, 2011. Filed under: Rush Poker.

Just to update, 1,285 FTP points or something like that, so only a couple of sessions away from finishing the target of a week of CardRunners. This last week I haven’t played a lot of focused sessions. I’ve recently become interested in “Criminal Minds” and I’ve been watching old episodes while playing just two instances of Rush Poker $10nl FR so the points are coming slower.

When I’m done I’ll post my graph, maybe some stats, and maybe a few hands. The first half I was on a nice upswing but as soon as I hit that magical $400 in my FT bankroll I crashed back down again. For a long time I couldn’t get above $200, then I did, but when it got up around $300 it would come back down to $200 again. Now $400 seems to be the ceiling and I swing between just over $400 and down as low as $200 without being able to keep it above $400.

My Stars roll has never been this swingy. I go through phases of flat or upswing or flat with blips but I don’t think I’ve gone through periods of swinging $100-200 back and forth and then more back and forth like I do on FT.

Two recent adjustments to my $10 Rush game;

  1. I’m trying to keep in mind the mantra; “at these levels the players call too much“. This means raise, c-bet flops but give up without a hand. But with a hand, even a marginal hand (TP or better), keep value betting. Against some of the more aggressive players, check to induce bluffs (some aggressive players at these levels always interpret checks or calls as weakness), but get max value from the passives. I’ve got some hands where players call three streets with underpairs or low pair on the flop. These loose passives do not have the same hand range as a TAG or a nit.
  2. Slow down. Take more time to consider most hands except crap in crappy position. Sit out on other (Rush) tables when I have a potentially big hand. I have a habit of making snap decisions for every hand no matter whether it’s a autofold, autosteal, or big hand. I know that these are bad/beginner players, but they aren’t all the same. They don’t have the same hand range, they don’t have the same postflop strategy, and the best play (other than autoraising certain hands in position and c-betting almost all flops) is probably not going to be the snap decision.

I’ve really been remiss in doing hand review since I started this project, but I guess that quality play is not the key objective in this project. Apparently that gives me the option of being lazy. I should also look for some hands of hilarity to post. I’m sure that there are a lot of amusing hands that I wasn’t involved in that are waiting in my HEM database.

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