by PokerAnon ~ March 1st, 2011. Filed under: Rush Poker.

This is what happens when you run good.

$25nl FR, Rush Poker. One of the first hands, opponent is 16/3, 5.0/36% aggression over 36 hands. His range as a loose passive in the blind is probably wide and he has some postflop aggression.

My plan is two streets of value with an overpair since he’s not fishy-loose. But I don’t want to give him freedom if he’s donking with a flush draw. On the turn some hands like 76, 77, or 64 pick up equity and the unlikely hand of 34 makes a straight, but those are a tiny portion of his range. I decide to keep the pot small by checking the turn, especially since I raised the flop, but that also means that I will have to call any river bet unless it’s a flush card, and even then I might call.

That probably worked out as good as it could.

Next hand worked out pretty well too. I’m still open raising all pocket pairs. Opponent is a 26/8, with 11.0/45% aggression over 37 hands.

His check/raise mostly means an Ace, though sometimes it’ll mean he’s bluffing an Ace. If he’s bluffing he’ll fold to a reraise, if he has a weak Ace he may not go far. If I just call his raise I could have KK/QQ/JJ that doesn’t want to fold yet, and the board is totally dry.

On the turn a draw comes, but when he doesn’t bet I want to keep getting money in. He co-operates by raising. As it turns out, the turn was the perfect card for me.

And finally this hand. I have no idea what this 800 bb stack is calling with.

Flop is drawy and multiway. OR is OOP and has checked so I can’t wait around to see if anyone else will take a stab. When only the huge stack calls I bet bigger, because he’s interested and because we’re deep. I probably didn’t bet as big as I could as I had a lingering fear of the monster; 46.

The only thing that I can figure is that he had the flush draw or maybe a combo, or 44/66/88/99 or even JJ/KK and either is fishy, or knows the implied odds of playing this deep. The problem for me was that I didn’t know which is the case in this situation.

So after getting up some 240 bbs after just 60 hands in 16 minutes I decide to sit out. The episode of Criminal Minds I had started up before I opened Tilt was almost over and I was going to have to leave the house soon anyway. $225 per hour winning rate playing just one instance of Rush. I’ll take it.

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