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by PokerAnon ~ August 17th, 2010. Filed under: Rush Poker.

A while back I made a conscious change in my Rush Poker game.

I know that I’m better than most players at $10nl Rush simply because 1) my total bankroll of winnings would allow me to play, eh, maybe $50nl Rush if I wanted to, but I don’t have a lot of the bankroll on Tilt, and 2) simply seeing some of the lines that players take and what they showdown with. But Rush has been consistently swingy for me in the past; up 3 sessions, down 3 sessions, up 3 sessions, and down. Some of that I knew was due to ego and spew/aggression.

So I developed a new mantra; what do I want my poker bot to do?. Or, what do I want a beginner to do in this situation? In the main blog it’s out as a delayed post here, but I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now. It’s had some interesting results so far.

  • before, but since the beginning of the recent project to earn $100 playing $10nl Rush, 17,000 hands, 18.8/13.9, W$SD of 44.5 which is the lowest I can recall having at any level of poker. +3.36 bb/100.
  • since then, 2,700 more hands, 19.4/13.5, but W$SD of 55.9. That’s more like it. +36.13 bb/100.

That last 2,700  includes 11 sessions, 10 positive and the only negative is the one that ended with me betting the river when I was counterfeited, though, if I fold that river I still end up slightly negative there. And the other cool thing; my graph for non-showdown winnings actually goes up, not starting there but starting about 5,000 hands in. Also a  first for me, I think, over any period of hands.

I like the positive red line, and I really like the more recent green (winning) rows with only one red (losing) rows in the sessions view.

Overall I’ve more than covered the $100 that I wanted to earn at $10nl Rush before going to $25nl, but like last fall I feel as if I’ve found a groove, a sweet spot for me at this level and I’d like to ride it out for a while. Plus, it’s that old Islewars thing of mine; sometimes I like a challenge that is not too much of a challenge and where I can consistently pat myself on the back. That may be a little sad, but we can all use a little confidence booster once in a while.

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